“The first step in the spiritual path is the selfless service to Humanity”
– Swami Sivananda

I started doing Sivananda Yoga when I was 21. A few years later I decided to do my Teachers Training Course at the Sivananda ashram in Kerala. As part of the curriculum we learnt about The Bhagavad Gita and Karma yoga. I was allocated serving food and would eat last. Yes I would be hungry but at the same this small service and act taught me great humility and made me feel really calm and happy.

Karma yoga is the heart of yoga according to me. The western take on it is ‘as you sow, so shall you reap’. But karma yoga goes way beyond that. It appears that the majority of people practice yoga in the form of asanas and meditation for their own well being. However Karma yoga is not about us, our egos or well being, yet it helps us achieve a union to the divine, beyond what can be gained by simply asanas and meditation. Why? Because Karma yoga is selfless. We move beyond our ego driven existence and do not expect the fruits of our labor. The crux of the Bhagavad Gita is rooted in the concepts of karma and ‘Dharma’ or duty.

I started Prana Buzz around the idea of community and the power of people coming together around art and spirituality. The ripple effects of good energy allows greater good in this world. A buzz of vibrant good energy is how I like to think of it. That’s why I decided this year to take the good energy I have created in Bozeman and try and affect change to those in need in my country. So a portion of all the money I made through my pop-up events will go directly to children who don’t have families and need the support of community and good prana.

I leave for India next week and have managed to secure partnerships with two different Non-Profits in New Delhi that work with street children - Maitri and Jamghat.

Maitri India

Maitri’s mission is to facilitate basic human rights, identity, dignity, and respect for the most vulnerable populations in India, with a focus on:

-Abandoned, elderly and destitute women and widows in Vrindavan
- Violence against women (domestic violence)
- Migrant workers and their families (rickshaw pullers and homeless)
- Empowering women and children of economically challenged families in Delhi slums.

Website: https://maitriindia.org/

details of workshop with maitri

I will be working with Maitri’s adolescent girls on a day long workshop. The workshop will focus on issues that young adolescent girls face. Puberty, menstruation, body empowerment and safety for girls will be discussed with the help of various activities, games, media and yoga. There are certain superstitions in India around menstruation being dirty and basic education is not provided to girls, especially those from a poorer background. The day will consist of a meal, group activities, yoga and meditation.

Jamghat Children

Jamghat is a registered NGO that seeks to rehabilitate street children. Jamghat aims not only to provide the homeless a home, but also to equip them with the tools needed to be an able, independent and responsible member of the society they inhabit. With the aim of being more than just a charity, Jamghat hopes to instill within everyone that it cares for, that to be a good human being is as important, if not more, than being a successful one.

Website: http://jamghat.org/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/childrensjamghat/

details of workshop with jamghat

I will be collaborating with Jamghat on a special Diwali focused workshop. Most of the children who are part of Jamghat are street children who have been abandoned and are orphans. Jamghat has created homes where these children reside. Diwali is the festival of lights. It is the most important holiday in India and it’s a time to spend with family.

For this day long workshop we will start with a special lunch feast. This will be followed by a ‘rangoli’ competition. Rangolis are an art form that are created on the floor at entrance ways. They are thought to be auspicious and bring good luck. Rangolis are made during special festivals like Diwali. After an afternoon of arts and crafts I will hand out some school supplies to each child and we will set up for yoga. The yoga and meditation class will end the day.

Date: Oct. 23rd 2019. Venue: Lado Sarai home, New Delhi, India.


Please consider Donating to these two projects. Any support you can provide would be appreciated. 100% of your donations will go straight to the children. I will be gifting them school supplies, sponsoring meals, purchasing yoga mats for them and maybe even getting cake for all the kids to enjoy. On top of that I plan to give of my time in the form of conducting workshops and classes. I will be committing and contributing myself to both of these projects regardless of any donations received, so there is no target or goal for donations. I’m simply offering you a chance to help make a difference in some children’s’ lives through me. Even $5 goes a long way in India! To be clear, Prana Buzz is not an LLC or a 501C3. Stripe is a company that processes all payments and takes 3% off any payment as a fee.