Duration: 7 Mins 30 Seconds

‘Evaporations’ speaks of the formlessness and transience of everything.The cityscape of New Delhi is viewed as a space where existence is geared towards making money and possessing more while operating within society dictated morality, greed and dysfunction. Man’s constant struggle with himself to overcome desires and exalt to contentment, peace and harmony within is depicted.

The film uses a mixture of stop frame animation and footage shot in and around New Delhi, the capital of India.

The juxtaposed images and spaces represent diverse facesand representations of economic class, culture, architecture, history and spirit. The imagery conveys a montage and city of contradictions and incongruity. The imagery conveys a montage and city of contradictions and incongruity.


Marcel Duchamp’s ‘ready-mades’ are the inspiration behind creating a living room in the gallery space and using the Indian water cooler. The cooler is a traditional way of cooling homes. It is a conventional space which witnesses the cyclical change of water. Water and its impermanence is a metaphor for all material things and life itself.

The cooler transforms into a viewing chamber and every component’s function changes – the walls for screening and the fan an extension to the projector, distorting even the materiality of the image. The architectural model placed under water is symbolic of the Greek mythological tale of Atlantis, the city that was submerged by the wrath of the gods due to excessive greed and conflict.

The installed living room recreates our comfortable worldview of existence. The TV aptly termed the ‘idiot box’ shows ‘commodified’ images. Images are created like commodities designed for commercialization. The living room space comments on our existence where we wake up each morning, work hard to make money and at the end of the day come back and relax in front of the TV, which further perpetuates that materialism.


  • International House, New York City

  • Visual Arts Gallery , Imaging Materialty Show, New Delhi India

  • South Asian Women's Creative Collective Annual Art Show - New York City